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Partner with industry experts to identify the most suitable connectivity solution specific to your business needs.

Internet Exchange

Gain access to the country’s richest peering platform for superior end-user experience.

Internet Access

Secure a resilient, and always-on access to the internet wherever VITRO site you may choose.

Data Center Interconnect

Easily connect with your facilities and service providers within the VITRO data center network.

Cloud Exchange

Use AWS Direct Connect to establish your AWS Cloud and on-premise data center, office, or colocation facility.

VITRO Internet Exchange (VIX) hosts the richest IP ecosystem in the country, comprised for the biggest telcos, internet service providers (ISPs) and content providers, and is continuously growing to significantly improve the digital experience of every Filipino.

Simplified Connectivity

Access to multiple peers over one physical port

Lower Cost and Latency

Reduced unwanted latency and costs via upstream provider

Improved Performance

Faster, more direct data flow with fewer network hops resulting to reduced latency

VITRO Internet Access (VIA) is a blended internet solution that converges 3 unique networks (iGate, GIA and VIX) into a single package as it leverages and harnesses the strength of each network and provide unmatched managed connectivity to both Local and Global Internet.

Superior Performance

Multiple high bandwidth international connectivity via Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers and other major ISP’s and Internet Exchanges.

Guaranteed Service Levels

Provides service availability of 99.99%

Agile & Scalable

Fast to activate, ready to use internet service. Easily scale bandwidth to meet demands and pay only for what you need.

Access new opportunities, diversify your services and close the gap between content and users with VITRO Connectivity Solutions.


Secure and highly reliable connections between customer demarcation points inside the data center.

Quick and Easy

Establish fast and easy end-to-end connection from your infrastructure to customers and partners across different Vitro sites in the Philippines.

Flexible Bandwidth Options

Choose the bandwidth you need. Available in 1G, 10G and 100G.

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